Lily Hufnagel




Full-time artist, most-of-the-time circus lady, bird enthusiast, wandering vagrant.

 Originally hailing from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, I graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design(FL) in 2012, and have been on the road since then. I am currently traveling all around the world with my parrot, Kiwi, working and performing with my circus variety show, Topsy Turvy, at various outdoor festivals, corporate events and locations. You can check out my pursuit of the circus life here! At a number of the venues I perform, I also have a physical store front where I sell prints of my artwork as well as giving painting demonstrations throughout the day of various pen/ink and watercolor techniques.


 When I'm not on stage or in my shop, I'm often either training myself further physically, painting up a whole mess ton of mermaids, attempting to train a stubborn bird to use the toilet on command(It can be done! I swear!) or indulging myself with some of the more exciting games to be found on the PlayStation 3. 


Currently based here and there and everywhere!



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